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School and student bike packing tours are a unique opportunity to travel by bike. Trips are offered through partnerships with sponsoring organizations, schools, and youth groups ages 14 and older. These trips include service learning and volunteer activities, team building, cultural appreciation and adventure travel. Trip programs align with school curriculum and youth organization goals and awards.

​These adventurous travel experiences allow students to take part in daily trip planning, engage with local communities, and raise their level of environmental and social awareness. Participants gain strength, confidence, and international perspective as they create memories that will last a lifetime.

ConnecTour is working in partnership with OnaVelo to offer unique bike travel experiences.


Our carefully planned programs take you to places you won’t find in guidebooks. Our biking and camping programs will challenge you in many ways. For many the experience will reshape the way you see yourself and the world.


All of our tours are designed for beginner to intermediate bike riders and outdoors enthusiasts. We cater programs to meet the abilities of young people ages 14 and older. We provide the bikes, camping equipment and logistical support. Although most of the people on our programs have never traveled by bicycle, you need to be physically active and know how to ride a bike.


We practice and teach about environmental stewardship through hands-on camp lessons, service projects, journaling, and post trip initiatives. We provide you with the tools to explore and understand the environment and teach you about ways to safeguard it wisely.


Travel changes the way you see the world. We hope that everyone will share their experience once they return home through presentations and community initiatives. For students, many high schools and colleges provide credit for our program. Ask your guidance counselor if your trip would qualify for credit.

Argentina Bike Packing Tour 2022

Spend a few weeks riding a bike through northwest Agentina – experiencing outdoor adventure, exploring new cultures, making new friends.

Take this trip and explore Spanish tradition and culture in art and architecture, practice your Spanish while shopping for regional delicacies and visiting local artisans and discover the Andean northwest of Argentina by bike. This route has been developed over the past 18 years and we look forward to sharing this unique destination with you. 

Trip Essentials – School and Youth Group Tour

Day-to-Day Itinerary

The adventure begins just by traveling to the city of Salta, Argentina.  Most flights are routed through Buenos Aires, but in recent years, there have been other more direct flights into Salta from major airports in South America. We have been booking travel to Argentina for many years and will coordinate all the flight details for the group. 

We will have two nights in Salta. This will give you time to recover from the flight and to get acclimated to Argentina. 


  • We will coordinate transportation for the group.
  • Pre-trip information sessions will be scheduled prior to your departure.
  • Wifi

We will spend the first part of the day getting your bike and gear set up and fitted for the trip. In the afternoon there will be time for sightseeing in Salta. Salta is the capital city of the province. It is situated in one of the most fertile and scenic areas of this region. The Colonial architecture of the city is some of the best in the country.


  • Trip includes all activities and admission fees as specified in the trip itinerary.
  • Lodging at a family owned hostel.
  • Wifi

The route out of Salta is on highway 68 through beautiful countryside and small traditional villages with colonial main squares. We will stay at a B&B near the town of Colonel Moldes. We can relax in the hammocks or poolside at the end of our first-day riding. There is an optional extra ride down to the Cabra Coral reservoir for anyone interested. 


  • We will stay at a B&B country estate near the town of Colonel Moldes.
  • Lodging: La Posada de Juan, Dique Cabra Corral – 1 night
  • Group dinner at La Posada de Juan
  • Wifi | Pool 

The biking route on this day will be gradually climbing with rolling hills. It will be a shorter day than the first. The road will be fairly quiet today as we head toward the Quebrada de Conches. Toward the end of the day, the road will follow a beautiful river called the Rio del las Conchas. The scenery includes lots of red rocks, tall mountains, and blue sky. Alemania is an artisan village in an abandoned railroad town along the river. We will stop at an artisan cheese farm where you can taste homemade cheese.


  • Camping: Alemania, Ruta nacional Nº68 – 1 night

Wake up and watch the sun light up the mountain sides before reaching the river valley. Visit local artisans in Alemania and then start the gradual climb through the Quebrada de Cafayate. The road heads through barren, spectacular Quebrada de Cafayate, a wild landscape of multihued sandstone and unearthly rock formations. Carved out by the Río de las Conchas, the canyon’s twisted sedimentary strata exhibit a stunning array of tones, from rich red ocher to ethereal green. While you get a visual feast from the road itself – it is one of the country’s more memorable rides.


  • Backcountry camping near Yesera

We will continue up the river valley towards Cafayate passing by natural features carved into the rocks and sandstone. The town, located in the center of the Calchaquí Valleys, is surrounded by rivers, sand dunes and vineyards.


  • Lodging at a local family owned hostel for 2 nights.

Enjoy the day off the bikes. Spend the day exploring Cafayate. Check out Cafayate and local attractions: shopping, artisans or hike to waterfall.


  • Lodging: El Hospedaje, Salta 13, Cafayate, Salta, Argentina

It is a very pleasant ride from Cafayate to Quilmes especially after a rest day. At the end of the day we will visit the ruins of Quilmes, archaeological site in the Calchaquí Valley. The site was the largest pre-Columbian settlement in the country, occupying about 30 hectares. The area dates back to ca 850 AD and was inhabited by the Quilmes people; it is believed that about 5,000 people lived here during its heights.


  • Camping: Quilmes

Today we will be the first day of the slow accent up toward the summit of Infernillo. There will be some gravel at the end of the ride to get to our B&B. Along the way we will visit the farm and vineyard of our local guide in Las Mojarras near the Santa Maria River. Lunch will be at Santiago’s farm or in Amaicha before our ride up to Salas where we will stay in a B&B for the night and enjoy a traditional Argentine BBQ.


  • Lodging:  Salas, local B&B: Martina and Fernando, 2 – nights
  • Group dinner at Salas

We are taking an extra day in Salas to allow time to visit Amaiche del Valle and the area around Salas. Amaiche del Valle is one of the oldest indigenous communities in Northwestern Argentina. Today, its residents devote themselves both to ancient activities that were handed down from generation to generation that have bonded them to the land and to develop products like pottery, looms, wine, cheese and alfajores. You can visit the Pachamama Museum that is a monumental stone project that houses geology, anthropology and art exhibits. There are also backcountry hikes in the mountains to explore the ruins of the people who settled this area hundreds of years ago in the pre-Columbian times.


  • Lodging:  Salas, local B&B: Martina and Fernando
  • Group dinner at Salas

The first part of the day will be climbing to the summit at 3,040 m (10,000 feet). Because the pass is surrounded by mountains, the pass looks deceivingly low. It is not all up hill as there are a few spots where the road descends and then climbs again. We will arrive in Tafí de Valle by mid-afternoon and have time to check out the craft shops and local attractions. We will stay at a home stay.


  • Lodging: Home-stay –  Agustin Remis – 2 nights 
  • Group dinner at home-stay
  • WiFi

This lovely hill town, set in a green valley with fabulous vistas of the surrounding mountains, is where people from Tucumán traditionally head to take refuge from the summer heat. Tafí makes a fine spot to hang out for a rest day; it offers crisp mountain air, hiking options, memorable estancias, and a laid-back scene. There are many options for you to relax or go fishing, horseback riding, visit a cheese farm or explore on your own.


  • Lodging: Home-stay – Agustin Remis
  • WiFi

This is one of the most incredible downhill rides (about 55km / 34mi of downhill). We will descend from Tafí del Valle into the lush, low-lying areas near the City of San Miguel de Tucuman. The landscape will change from high alpine desert to lush green, forested areas. This will be our longest day of riding but well worth the effort. We will pass by some sugar cane processing plants, lemon orchards and other farms. We will travel on a quiet road that skirts the base of the mountain range we descended the day before. Tonight we will stay in Yerba Buena at a guest house owned by an adventure cyclist who biked the world for more than four years. It will be one of our last nights in Argentina so we will probably want to go out to eat and enjoy the Argentine cuisine.


  • Lodging: Casa Calchaqui, Yerba Buena, San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina
  • Group dinner in Yerba Buena
  • WiFi | Small pool

We will pack our gear and get ready for our return flight.

Tanya & Rick McFerrin

Travel with a Team of Local Friends and Expert Guides

This trip is all about meaningful connections that have been built over the past 25 years by Rick and Tanya McFerrin. They were initially drawn to northern Argentina when visiting there on a 2-year bike trip around the world from 1998-2000. Soon after their return home, they started leading bike tours in Argentina with small groups. Over the years they have worked with locals to create meaningful experiences and connections for an amazing adventure. Rick has been leading this trip almost every year since 2003 and has said it is one of his favorite places to travel by bicycle – great riding, wonderful people, awesome food, and beautiful landscapes. It is incredible. Join the ride!

Local friends in Argentina and expert guides will take care of all the details including the bicycles and gear, guides and safety, local activities, route planning, food and snacks, accommodations as well as helping you with getting to and from the destination. For many people, this will be their first bike travel experience. These bike packing tours are designed for students 14 years and older who are relatively fit and enjoy an active travel adventure.

Great People. Amazing Experiences.

Contact us to learn more or to request a registration form. 

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