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ConnecTour 2021 was an event, but – as we thought might happen – it also became a movement. We are keeping the movement alive.  And, yes, we’ll be doing a lot of that work from the saddle of a bike. 

ConnecTour is working in partnership with OnaVelo to offer unique bike travel experiences.

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Northwest Argentina

April 16-29, 2023

Why A Trip With ConnecTour is the Fun Choice


Bike Travel

There is no better way to experience the cultural and natural landscapes of a country than by bicycle. Travelling by bike gives you the freedom to see more of a country, connect with locals and feel the landscape around you.


ConnecTour is Unique

A ConnecTour trip with OnaVelo is all about meaningful connections that have been built over the past 25 years by Rick and Tanya McFerrin. Rick and his team only lead a few trips each year with select groups and individuals – making each trip adventurously unique and fun.


Responsible travel

Bike packing tours with ConnecTour offer a grass roots approach to responsible travel that gives you the opportunity to explore new places and cultures away from well-travelled routes, interact and learn from locals, and have time to explore and be adventurous. These trips are high value bike travel experiences for adventurous travelers. We specialize in bike trips for individuals and groups of all ages. Rick and his team have been planning and leading bike trips for groups since 2003 and know the ins-and-outs of bike travel.

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